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عمرة البدل

A modern application based on the principle of Umrah Al-Badal, which is permitted by the tolerant Islamic religion, so that Muslims, especially those whom are unable to perform the Umrah and Hajj rituals for any legitimate reason, the app will enable them to enjoy the reward of performing such rituals.

The rituals of Umrah, Hajj and some charitable deeds without detracting from the reward of those who perform them in the slightest
Accordingly, the company has taken advantage of this Islamic license to provide an application that gives the service requester the advantage of choosing the ritual and the advantage of tracing the steps of its performance from its starting point to its end, taking into account the matters and steps as mentioned in the honorable Sunnah of the Prophet.

A special part of the app has been developed for any performer ready to do the Badal Umrah or ritual , where the application can provide him a step-by-step guide based on an artificial intelligence logic helping him and directing him to perform the ritual as stated in the honorable Sunnتوكيل/id1583074584توكيل/id1583074584